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A dream come true

MAISON GAJA, a french brand originating from dreams and ambitions, with a pinch of luxury and a touch of humor with a common desire : the joy of sharing…

We have spent months building this dream based on and for women everywhere, choosing an item we know she’ll love: the handbag.

The truth

The truth

For women, a handbag is so much more than a simple accessory…it goes everywhere we go. It embodies what we are or what we aspire to become, it is our confidant, our security blanket, our favorite gift.

We can never have just one! We wanted to pay special attention to this coveted item; we wanted (obviously!) unique and exclusive designs, limited editions, high-end quality with true handbags expertise, all at an affordable price.

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A desirable and affordable brand

This is how MAISON GAJA was born, based on values of AUTHENTICITY, CREATIVITY, and sparking the JOY of SHARING. It is who we are and what we do, passionate and sincere.

MAISON GAJA : A desirable and affordable brand

In home sales, our heart's desire

It was important for us to offer you a service that meets your wants and needs, as well as helps you build lasting memories.

We wanted to combine the joy of happy hour with girlfriends, the happiness shared only with the girls, COLLABORATION, and bursts of LAUGHTER, the shared love of fashion and the ability to enjoy all of this from the comfort of your own home.

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The “Maison” is at the heart of our brand. We have specifically chosen to settle in the Christofle factory, built in 1874, a location overflowing with expertise and a certain French tradition that brings us together and embodies our values, inspiring us every day to build our dream.



It’s a place where we hope that you, too, will find JOY, laughter, and the little pleasures of life, it is our “maison” but it is also YOURS: somewhere we can stay, come back to, meet up, and somewhere we feel good.

In your home, MAISON GAJA

In your home

Warm, inviting and one of a kind, our “maison” is also dedicated to presenting our collections and sharing our world with our “Ambassadrice” who benefit from privileges exclusively for them.

Happiness shared is multiplied

You want joy, togetherness, friendship, liberty and independence, you love BEAUTIFULLY crafted handbags and want to TRANSFORM your life with a FLEXIBLE, REWARDING and FULFILLING JOB.

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Happiness shared is multiplied with Maison Gaja


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