Our Process

We went out in search for the best location to bring our "Maison" to life

Because expertise is at the heart of our concerns and an attention to detail required, we found a factory that breathes tradition where some of the most beautiful Accessories brands have been made over the past century.
(But shhh, it’s a secret!)

It starts with family

Following the wise advice of a friend (nicknamed “biquet”), we chose Stanley’s factory. Stanley was brought up with handbags, it was his father who created the family business in 1958. English at heart, Stanley was born with a cup of Earl Grey in hand and enjoys the game of cricket. 10 years ago, he moved the family workshop 1 hour from Hong Kong. It’s a place he runs like a patriarch. His teams are patient, involved, precise, ambitious….we owe them so much. THANK YOU for believing in us.

MAISON GAJA - It starts with family

The expertise of manufacturing

58 years of expertise in fabricating handbags and small Accessories, WOW!

Once the sketches have been chosen, prototypes are created by hand in order to assess the proportions and overall balance of the handbag. A long, detailed work process is then set up between the MAISON GAJA and Stanley teams. The materials are chosen, the stitching details are adjusted, and the metallic hardware is produced, all to create a unique product. All of our handbags are made BY HAND.

The Maison Gaja coated canvas

Our choice of coated canvas

Affordable, casual, easy for day-to-day use, high quality and durable, coated canvas was the best choice to help perfect our collections. Even luxury brands don’t shy away from using this material that is often mistaken for leather.

100% Vegan!

Because every effort counts! We have chosen not to use any material or substance of animal origin.

The coated canvas we have chosen along with the solvents and glue used in the manufacturing of our handbags and accessories are 100% VEGAN and have not been tested on any animals and are of vegetable origin!

Join us in seeing the world differently!

100% Vegan handbags!
The Maison Gaja stitching

The stitching

Characterized by a slight slant, the saddle stitch is one of the great secrets of leather goods and saddlery. We have chosen a 13mm (0,5″) stitch to guarantee that our products will be durable but with an aesthetic quality that meets our standards.

The embroidering

At MAISON GAJA we have an expert embroiderer which allows us to enhance our collections with exclusive embroidery. Fall for our gorgeous patches and our LOOKY collection!

Discover our Collections
The Maison Gaja embroidering
The Maison Gaja metal hardware

The metal hardware

We wanted to mark our collections with unique metal hardware. All of the pieces are designed by our stylist in a series of exclusive pieces: rivets, zippers, hooks and buckles…all stamped with the Maison Gaja logo.

Our artisans take great care in the fabrication process of all of the metallic hardware plated in 14 karat gold.

Monogram your Initials

Because you are unique, we are offering you the opportunity to engrave your initials on select accessories. Personalize your favorite accessory or give an original and thoughtful gift to someone you love. It’s your turn !

Maison Gaja - Monogram your Initials


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