Our Brand

Our Name

We combined two ideas that are important to us. First, the “maison”, a place of life, comfort, and shared memories, but also a house of fashion, a nod to the craft as well as the expertise.

Second, a woman, but not just any: GAIA, the Greek goddess of Earth and mother of all life. In esperanto GAJA means SMILING, so SMILE !

And finally, our logo, inspired by the number 8 in the form of a heart. When horizontal, the two hearts trace infinity…

Our Brand

MAISON GAJA is a modern, simple, FEMININE and JOYFUL brand. It is personified by a touch of powdered rose- a reference to the “boudoir”, a place of conversation where women enjoyed getting together- and a hint of black that evokes French elegance.

Madame de pompadour

The Boudoir

The powder pink color we chose for Maison Gaja is a reference to the boudoir, a place where women met up to gossip and converse – the first literary salons took place there.
Madame de Pompadour, mistress and confidante of Louis XV, a very literate & tasteful woman launched the fashion of pink in Versailles. She made it the color of refinement and femininity.

The Versailles Palace: first location of in-home sales

Madame de Pompadour noticed that women in the court of Versailles were bored. She had the luminous idea to select the best craftsmen of Paris and invited them to show their work in Versailles. And so it started, the first in-home sales took had taken place.

Versailles first place of in-home sales
All of our collections are named after…COCKTAILS!


Calling all those who love a good time, being together and making new memories!

Because yes! all of our collections are named after…COCKTAILS !

We love the colors, the mixing, the conviviality. It’s up to you to pick your poison!

Oops, we mean your favorite collection. Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, please consume in moderation (but not our bags).

The handbag that SMILES

A smile can brighten any day, it’s a simple gift that anyone can give.
The only thing left to do was to put a smile in your arms, on your wrists, across your shoulders, and so our concept was born: the handbag that “SMILES”! What great ambition to incorporate JOY into everything we think, create, produce, and manufacture!

Our brand - The handbag that SMILES
The bag of your dreams

The bag of your dreams

All of our products will make you smile. We’ve thought of everything, or almost, to make your life easier: pockets, straps, removable clutches and pouches…

Your future best friend (and we mean your new Maison Gaja handbag) will make your day a little brighter thanks to all of our accessories that will be sure to add a bit of attitude.

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Made with love

We pour our heart and soul into everything we create.

These little touches demonstrate our commitment and our passion.

So naturally the “made with LOVE” was born and with it our motto: created with LOVE, made with LOVE…

The bag of your dreams
Handbag made in Limited Editions

Limited Editions

Our accessories are made in small quantities because it’s nice not having the same handbag as everyone else. Along with your new handbag, you will also receive a card noting it’s serial number. Don’t wait, once they’re gone…they’re gone for good!

Monogram your Initials

Monogram your Initials

Because you are unique, we are offering you the opportunity to engrave your initials on select accessories.Personalize your favorite accessory or give an original and thoughtful gift to someone you love. It’s your turn!

Your elegant box

Your elegant box

Your order will be delivered to you carefully packaged in a box dressed in our “Maison” colors: rose Gaja and a hint of black, so you can always keep us close by! Upcycle the packaging for a box of chocolates, a box for souvenirs, a jewelry box…really, it’s up to you to choose!

Passion patches

Nothing like a little flair MAISON GAJA style to spice up and personalize your accessories: it’s up to you to decide how to make your handbag one of a kind!

Discover our passion patches
Our passion patches

Handbag jewelry

Who hasn’t dreamt of wearing the crown jewels? We are working hard to bring you a collection of handbag gems and jewels to make your accessories sparkle and shine.


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