Invite your friends

Invite your friends Organize your "Atelier party"
A time to share

A time to share

Combine the joy of happy hour with your girlfriends, the memories made only with the girls, uncontrollable laughter and the uniqueness of in-home sales all while meeting the expectations of life and …: freedom, friendship and togetherness…

Organize your “Atelier party” by inviting all of your closest girl friends! Your MAISON GAJA “Ambassadrice” will be happy to show and share our handbag collections that are sure to make you SMILE.

The little joys…

In the MAISON GAJA family, when you invite us into your home for your “Atelier party” with your friends, we want to truly spoil you.

And because we know you will love our unique collection, we will offer you, and only you, the opportunity to treat yourself even MORE.

Invite your friends - The little joys…
Organize your "Atelier party"


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